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Gingivoplasty or plastic surgery of the gingiva refers to the harmony gingiva-teeth which is an essential relationship for a beautiful, aesthetic and functional smile.

This is a specialized dental treatment undertaken by a Periodontologist.  The periodontologist as the plastic surgeon corrects the relationship between teeth and gingiva so when we smile only a small portion of gingiva can be seen.


Gingivoplasty includes other treatments such as:


– Elongation of the tooth crown

– Frenectomy (elimination of the free gum of the upper or lower lip when the free gum interferes aesthetically and kinetically with the upper or lower lip)

– Gingivoplasty is also recommended when we have gingiva pockets, spaces between tooth and periodontium, ideal places for microbe traps.

– Finally, Gingivoplasty is an optional treatment when we have elongation of the crown and a part of the root of the tooth, in which case the periodontologist takes a graft from the patient’s mouth and covers the tooth elongation.

– Gingivoplasties are routine therapies and in EURODENTICA they are done by speciacized Periodontologist Dr. Christos Kritikos.